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Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Record is a living library located in the quantum field. It holds all information from all of time. This includes past, present, as well as future probabilities of everything in existence, Earth-life and cosmic. This is the central storehouse, an ever-evolving archive of each and every thought, feeling, emotion, intention, and action of every lifetime.

The Akashic Record serves to help us understand ourselves, and to grow our souls. When we recognize how and where some of our blocks originated, and reveal the special traits we hold, we can dissolve resistance, become integrated beings, and live our lives to our greatest potential.

Akasha, a Sanskrit word meaning primary substance, ether, boundless space. It is the very essence of which everything in existence is formed.


The Akashic Record has been in existence for all of time. It is also known as, The Book of Life, as it is referred to in the ancient Bible. It was brought into more modern times by Helena Blavatsky, and members of the Theosophical Society in the late 19th century.

This movement centered on the belief systems of the Indian culture, introducing these concepts and ideas to the Western world. The meaning of the word theosophy, in its essence, is ultimate truth, or divine wisdom. The Theosophical Society has transcended time and remains in existence today.

The most well-known for his work in the Akashic Record; however, is Edgar Cacey (1877-1945). He is often referred to as, The Sleeping Prophet, because he entered a trancelike state in order to access the records. During his lifetime, Casey documented 14,306 of the readings he had given for more than 6,000 people. His life's work bridged forty years.

Casey helped people to identify their life mission work, develop their intuition, and take ownership of their health. He also focused on philosophy, reincarnation, dreamwork, ESP, psychic phenomena, spiritual growth, meditation, and prayer. For more information on Cacey's brilliant work, you can go to: Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment

An Exploration of the Akashic Record

To explore the records, you can have a reading done by an Akashic Record Reader who is experienced in the field, or you can access the records on your own, depending on your level of development. If you would like to work towards exploring the records on your own, there are books and classes available.

Know that any physical, mental, or emotional blocks you have may prevent you from gaining access to the records. Also, you have access to your records alone. You may ask questions about your relationships with others, but you cannot access anybody else's records.

Why Explore?

  • Gain workable knowledge that will benefit you most at the time of your reading: health, career/life mission work, finances, or relationships.

  • Obtain clarity and motivational creativity that will accelerate your journey.

  • Learn about your life purpose for this incarnation.

  • Discover hidden skills, talents, and abilities.

  • Dissolve stuck patterns and live your life free from limitations.

  • Heal from traumatic experiences.

  • Clear yourself of ancestral blocks you may unknowingly carry with you.

  • ​Explore other lifetimes beyond your Earth experience.

The Akashic Record is supportive, unconditionally accepting, benevolent and loving, and without judgement. You only receive the information that you are ready to hear.

​The archives are held from an objective perspective, meaning, from the truth of the intention. How one perceives and integrates a reading; nevertheless, will be subjective. The depths of the records to be explored are vast and can offer profound healing. They can help to propel you further, faster, and with greater ease on your life path. A description of some of the possibilities available for examination are provided below.

Life Lessons & Soul Contracts

​Before we incarnate, we work with our spiritual team to decide on the life lessons that would be most beneficial for the growth of our souls. We then agree to Soul Contracts that enable us to achieve the life lessons we have decided on. However, as our lives progress, there may be circumstances in which the contracts we agreed to may no longer serve us. The Akashic Record can provide us with the opportunity to amend these contracts. Nonetheless, the records will not alter life lessons still needed for our soul development. We must learn these lessons, or they will continue to present themselves in different forms. In these circumstances, what the records will provide is insight and workable knowledge to obtain growth.

Past (& Present) Life Clearing

​Throughout our lifetimes we may have developed limitations that are affecting our present one, such as fear, doubt, or judgement. A tragic loss of a loved one, a traumatic experience, or a catastrophic death of our own could be the culprit of current karmic influences. Other examples include, vows taken, or powerful religious beliefs such as having to live in poverty to be truly spiritual. The possibilities are as limitless as the scenarios of our existence. Gaining an awareness of the origins of these barriers can often be enough to release them, while other times there is more work to be done. If the latter is the case, the Akashic Record can offer guidance as to the best direction for you to go.​

Ancestral Clearing

​When we incarnate into this life, we contract with multiple ancestral lines. These familial lines can carry limiting belief patterns that once served our ancestors well but may be hindering us from reaching our full potential. These beliefs may correlate with a plethora of life aspects such as self-worth, money, or relationships for example. We must release these limitations in order to break free, heal, and move forward in our progress. When we grow beyond these restrictive patterns, we also heal the ancestral lines from which they came, past, present, and future.

Future Probabilities

The Akasha can provide us with future probabilities for our lives. These are only probabilities. Through our free will, the choices we make determine the pathways and circumstances we draw toward us. Each decision can lead to growth, transformation, and fulfillment, or can lead us in the other direction toward more problems, barriers, and personal life difficulties. During a reading you can ask questions and explore the probabilities for your future. You must then live a consciously created life by placing your thoughts, feelings, and actions on your desires.

Experts from Past Lives

It is often some of the most difficult experiences and lifetimes we need to reintegrate for soul alignment, healing, and growth. However, our positive lifetimes can be exceptionally beneficial as well. Tap into a lifetime as a leader, innovator, educator, or whichever aspect would be most helpful to you at this time, and integrate that wisdom, skill, talent, or special ability. Launch yourself into the future by taking on those attributes.

Galactic Connections

If you have ever wondered about lifetimes before your Earth incarnations, if you have a deep connection to the stars, or if you feel out of place here, you may be searching for your cosmic connections. The Akashic Record holds this information. You are not alone. More and more people are having memories of past lives from other star systems, including forms of consciousness without physical bodies. Some are having unique experiences leading to this knowledge. As the numbers of those waking up to this information are increasing at a rapid rate, an awareness of our galactic ties to the cosmos is developing within the collective consciousness. We are at a crossroads in time when humanity is meant to gain this knowledge, and to move beyond our limiting beliefs of separate self. It is a profound time of awakening, transformation, enlightenment, and a true understanding of our oneness. Explore your vastness and connection to the stars.

The Akashic Record can help us to see our greatest potential in life. We must then take action, and we must be willing to step outside of our comfort zone. What are you willing to do to create the fulfilling life you most desire? We are the change we have been looking for.


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